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Ready to begin a successful career?

We welcome you!

This is the right step to becoming a part of something exciting, we look forward to meeting you.

JW SALON is an open chair team based educational salon. We support and elevate each other. We strive for excellence, our commitment to bettering our best, staying on trend and we never stop learning.

Our growing team has a passion for hair, but most of all giving the best experience.

If you feel you have the same passion then we want to get to know you, please apply below and we will be in touch with you. 

We are a Summit Salon with a level system.

At JW Salon, our service providers operate on a level system.

This simply means that our senior stylists have higher pricing due to the fact they have earned it and are in more demand. A level 1 stylists is not necessarily new to the industry, but may be new to our salon and therefore has more availability.

All JW Salon stylists undergo our associate program after receiving their cosmetology license, before they can begin at level 1 of our system. 


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