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  • Yes, you should get regular trims!

    How can trimming the bottom of your hair possibly effect growth from the root in any way? Well here it is:  Think of a split end as a run in a stocking, once that run starts, it’s going to continue all the way up the stocking—and that’s the same thing that happens to your hair. The split travels all the way up the strand, causing it to become weak and break off. So it’s not that getting a trim helps your hair to grow faster — it’s that it prevents breakage from occurring at the ends of your strands, allowing you to more quickly reach your desired hair length! As an added bonus, trimming your hair keeps the ends from looking stringy and uneven, helping your locks to appear fuller.

  • A twist on the classic bun - the Infinity Bun

    Sometimes the most simple, clean hairstyles are the most stunning. This infinity symbol shaped bun is no exception. Here's an easy How-To to help you put this look together! 1. Grab a fine tooth comb, various bobby pins and u-pins + a ponytail holder. 2. For this one we put the ponytail a little lower, but as you can see in the top photo on the girl with blonde hair, we put it a little higher. Your choice! Secure the elastic– you want it to be pretty tight. Don’t worry about fly aways, we’ll lock those down at the end. 3. You’re basically going to twist the hair into a “circle 8″ shape. Start by pulling it to the left and twisting upward {toward the top of your head} as you see her doing in photo 3. 4. Circle it around as if you’re going to make a regular bun and use large bobby pins to secure as you go. I like to put them in every inch or so. Should take about 2-3 large bobby pins to secure it on the one side. 5. Once you get to the middle add a couple small bobby pins there to make sure you’re not pulling the other side. You’re now going to be twisting the same direction, but you’ll start rolling it downward as you come around the curve {see photo 5} 6. Keep pinning as you go. Use smaller bobby pins as you get to the end. Personally, I find that you really only need the larger ones to secure the first side as it’s SO heavy. 7. Secure the tail end under the bun using another small pin. 8. Now go around and add any extra u-pins you need to lock it all in place. 9. Last, smooth using hairspray and a fine tooth comb. Keep this one simple. Just think about making a “circle 8″ and you'll get it! Check the balance of your infinity bun in the mirror when you’re done. The great news is, this bun still looks really pretty if it starts to get messy!

  • Ready to be a Bombshell on the beach?!

    Check out our Beach Bag Bombshell duo if you want to get and keep that beachy look this summer! Our Mythic Oil Milk provides just the right amount of moisture while our Perfect Texture gives you depth and texture. Stay camera ready, even while having some fun in the sun!

  • Our new summer arrivals!

    Stop in to check out our new summer arrivals!

  • A Hair To for All Hair Types: Messy Waves

    A quick Hair To.  This style works for all hair types and is an easy way to add little umph to your look!

  • Do you know the difference?

    With these hot new trends, there is a definite difference in technique and the final look. Here's a picture to help you determine which look is the one for you!

  • How to know when you need a hair cut

    Is it time? Or isn’t it? How long has it been? Am I overdue? Here are 5 easy ways to know if it's time for a hair cut! 1. “The Web”I often use this term to explain to my clients one of the reasons their hair can lack luster. What “The Web” refers to are the little frayed ends of your hair that can create a dry and frizzy tangle dread "web" If you are feeling like your hair has lost it’s shine it’s very possible that your suffering from “The Web” and a is a sure fire sign that you’re due for a cut! 2. You can’t style it any longer.Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after doing your hair and noticed that something was off? It just isn’t doing what it used to? Snip Snip! It’s time for a trim! As your hair grows out it slowly begins losing its shape and becomes harder to style. This means it's time to give your hair a lift and bring it back to life. 3. There’s no spring left in your curls. For most curly haired women, shape and bounce are key. If you’re noticing that your curls don’t seem to move, it could be because they are lacking moisture, especially if you also like to dabble in straight and sleek styles (read: excess heat on your locks). Dry hair not only lacks movement but also shape and shine… if you’re missing any of these three things, it’s time to trim. 4. You can’t see.The most obvious way you can tell its time for a haircut is if your fringe and frame have grown out and have begun falling in your face. A smart way to stretch your haircuts out a little bit is to talk to your stylist about getting a bang trim around the halfway mark. This can completely refresh your look and a bang trim is complimentary between your cut - but don't wait any longer than 8 weeks. 5. You need a change!If your beauty routine is starting to feel the same day in and day out, and your overall look could use a little change, it may be time to experiment with a new cut. Whether it's all out chopping off your locks or just some getting some peek a boo bangs, switching up your hair can be a great way to have a quick, fresh new look. Do you have an appointment???

  • And the award goes to...

    Voted the best yet again!! If you haven't experienced the mythic oil line yet, you are missing out!

  • A Quick How-To

    A quick and easy 3 step routine for a polished and sleek look.

  • Braids Away!

    Braids are a great way to mix up your hairstyle. They offer a look that is easy to do and can be achieved in minutes. Pro Tip: The trick to good braiding is to keep the tension on the strands evenly. For those new to braiding, the biggest question is, how do you hold three strands with only two hands? What you do is hold two of the strands in one hand and one strand in the other. As you braid, the extra strand is passed between the hands. It takes time to get good at it so don't get discouraged if your braids don't turn out perfect the first few tries. Enjoy!

  • Still waiting on your hair to grow out for that perfect pony? FAKE IT!!!

    Sometimes we just want that extra "umph" in our pony tail. Here is a great way to lengthen your pony tail without much work! Pro tip: Be sure to run your fingers through the finished look in order to blend the layers from the top and bottom pony tail.

  • Not your average pony!

    Take your pony tail and rock it out in many different ways!! You can take a day old style and create a fresh new look You will need a pony tail holder and a few bobby pins (which are your hair's best friend!). Also when creating the soft curl look, use a mason pearson brush.  It is amazing to keep those soft curls looking fresh and smooth.

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